Against my inherently retiring nature, I’ve been yammering like mad to the press to promote The United States of Arugula: How We Became a Gourmet Nation–“learning to love the hustle,” to quote my friend Andrew Loog Oldham. Recently, The Week magazine asked me to submit a list of six favorite food-oriented books, and I obliged them with this list. I also recently gave an interview to Las Vegas’s funky alternative newspaper (yes, even Vegas has one), Las Vegas Weekly, that you can read here. In the course of the interview, my interlocutor, Scott Dickensheets, brings up the subject of a wonderful book that has just been published, Spy: The Funny Years, a combination anthology and history of the delightful New York satirical magazine where I got my career start.

Spy’s founders and editors in chief, Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen, put together the book with the help of the elegant and broodingly handsome George Kalogerakis, another Spy editor, who was actually the guy who interviewed me when I first presented myself tremulously at Spy’s doorstep during my sophomore-year spring break in March of 1987, begging for a summer internship at the six-month-old magazine. (George’s response: “Um, I don’t know if we’ll have summer interns; we’ve never had a summer.”)

Spy magazine’s DNA is evident in nearly everything I’ve writtten (including The United States of Arugula, as I say in the Las Vegas Weekly interview). If you want to revisit the magazine’s glory days, or if you missed out on them and want to see what all the fuss was about, check out Graydon, Kurt and George’s fun-stuffed book. I’m honored to share a publishing season with it.

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