In keeping with the brown-dirt pastoral feel of the coming Thanksgiving holiday, I will be repairing to the country for my next book signing, which will take place at 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 18, at Oblong Books in Millerton, NY. I happen to spend a lot of time in this area, and one of my favorite places to have tea or a light lunch is right down the street from Oblong, the tea shop and tasting room at Harney & Sons Tea. You can taste dozens of varieties of tea there–they’re very particular about the steeping, using chess-style clocks to measure how long the leaves have been immersed in the hot water–and you can have one of their wonderful, simple sandwiches, all served on locally made baguettes and priced in the single-digit range. I sometimes take Harney & Sons for granted as a local business (I bump into actual Harneys all the time), but in fact, John Harney and his (adult) boys are America’s foremost fine-tea merchants and blenders, and you can find their inventive blends in places like Ritz-Carlton resorts and the Williams-Sonoma catalog.

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