For those of you in the New York area who have an hour to spare at midday on Wednesday, February 7, I’m discussing The United States of Arugula at James Beard House, as part of their Beard on Books series. You can call 212-627-2308 to reserve a seat. The newsletter I received says, “Illy caffé and Acqua Panna and Perrier waters will be served. Guests are also welcome to bring a brown bag lunch.” Brown-bagging it in Beard’s own house! What would the Dean of American Gastronomy™ have had to say about that? Maybe I’ll pull a Bono and order pizza for everyone.*

* POSTSCRIPT: Actually, I decided that pizza would be too pedestrian a gesture, so instead I brought sandwiches from Murray's Cheese on Bleecker Street. And, in Beard House’s defense, they enlisted a chef, Ken Goodman of the Art Institute of New York City, to prepare a thematically appropriate and delicious snack, grilled beef tenderloin with arugula pesto on water crackers.

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