Just as echinacea is said to stave off colds before they take hold, so does the writing of Henry Alford stave off nihilistic post-holiday funks. Thank heavens, then, that the day after New Year’s (that would be January 2, 2009), Henry’s new reportorial humor book, How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People, will be published. The title explains the premise, though it doesn’t convey how funny a writer Henry is, or how this book is also a quasi-memoir that stars Henry’s mother, one of the more compelling senior citizens I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Henry is an old pal from my days at Spy magazine, and he’s not only launched this book but a blog of “Elderisms,” or bits of collected wisdom from well-known old geezers. I’m really impressed by Henry’s dedication to blogging almost daily. Most of us Spy alums have been pretty undedicated to blogging (I plead guilty on behalf of myself and Kurt Andersen), though Daniel Radosh is a notable exception.

Anyway, Henry and his new Web site are delightful company, so give him a howdy!

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