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I am trying to coin a new word for the type of person whose food is so locally and immaculately sourced that he is beyond proud or virtuous; he is smug. He is a smugavore.

Last year, I tried to popularize this word in honor of the sugar snap peas that I’d grown on the little terrace off of my NYC office, which is roughly the size of a lounge chair. But this attempt failed. This year, in honor of my terrace-grown organic, pesticide-free heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil (pictured, smugly, below), I’m having another go. Sample usage: David Kamp is so self-righteous about the teeny carbon footprint of his tomato-basil salad that he’s turned into a tiresome smugavore.


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I wrote up this little appreciation of John Hughes for Vanity Fair’s Web site.

Keep a wide berth from me; I am a death hex. I was preparing to write a piece about Hughes when he died. In 2002, while researching my VF piece on the British Invasion, I spent many hours in the delightful company of Gordon Waller, of the Invasion duo Peter & Gordon, who passed away on July 17. Back in 1999, I spent a bit of time with sax-man Sam Butera for my VF story on Butera’s boss, Louis Prima. Butera died on June 3. And in the 1990s, I spent many hours in the company of the great screenwriter Budd Schulberg, whose memoir of the making of On the Waterfront I was editing for GQ. He died on August 5. (He was 95, though.) The funny thing about editing Schulberg is that I went to his house in Westhampton Beach, New York, and we worked on the story outside—sitting, literally, on the waterfront.

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