The United States of Arugula: Reviews

New York Times
“The Hunger Artists,” by A.O. Scott
“Diner’s Journal: Dining Table Reading,” by Frank Bruni

Chicago Sun-Times
“Foodie Fare: Here’s Fodder for a Reading Feast,” by Cheryl L. Reed
“BlogGQ: A New Foodie’s Bible,” by Alan Richman

USA Today
“‘Arugula’ Dishes About Beginnings of Gourmet Trend,” by Linda M. Castellitto

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“America’s Conversion to Gourmet Grub Makes for Tasty Reading,” by John Marshall

Seattle Weekly
“Foodie Nation,” by Jonathan Kauffman

American Heritage
“Fast-Food Nation or Gourmet Nation?,” by Jon Grinspan

“With Liberty au jus For All,” by Deborah Vankin
“A Super-Entertaining Read,” by Joe Meyers

The Atlantic Monthly
“Focusing on such eccentric and influential foodies as James Beard, Craig Claiborne, and Julia Child, Kamp... traces the rise of gourmet cooking in America. Culturally aware and cleverly written, this anatomy of the French-fried versus sundried tension at the heart of American gastronomy is refreshingly non-snooty.”


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