Here is a selection of pieces that I have written.

Vanity Fair

The Making of Cleopatra, 1998

The Unmaking of The Magnificent Ambersons, 2002

Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin, 2004

Sly Stone, 2007

Rethinking the American Dream, 2009

John Hughes, 2010

Lucian Freud, 2012

Julian Fellowes, 2012

Kerry Washington, 2013

Newtown’s Last Normal Day, 2013

Bruce Springsteen, 2016

Atlantis Books, 2016

Jeremy Irons’s Castle, 2017


Dave Kopay, 1998

The First Black Players in the NBA, 2001

Troy Polamalu, 2011

My Father, the Car, 2005 (about my dad; PDF below)

The New York Times

Was Diamond Jim Brady Really That Gluttonous?

My Tortured Relationship with the New York Giants, 2012

Franklin and the Integration of Peanuts, 2018