I’ve been writing songs since early childhood, but only recently have I begun to write them professionally, working as a lyricist with different collaborators.

Here is a song entitled “1/20/21” that I co-wrote with Steve Porcaro for Arts for Biden-Harris, with vocals by the brilliant singer-songwriter Erin Moran, who performs under the name A Girl Called Eddy, and Amy Keys.

With Benjamin Velez, I wrote the songs for the new John Leguizamo musical Kiss My Aztec!, which had its world premiere in 2019 at Berkeley Rep, where it received wonderful reviews. The show enjoyed a second production at La Jolla Playhouse and is slowly—pandemic pending—making its way towards the big time.

Here is a dumb song that we rightfully cut from Kiss My Aztec! but reconstituted as an anthem for social distancing.

Here is a Steely Dan homage that I co-wrote with Steve Porcaro of Toto to help raise money for MusiCares’s Covid-19 Relief Fund for musicians in need. We even got one of Steely Dan’s original guitarists, Denny Dias, to play on it!